Micah and Selina Maritim remain relevant without digital platforms

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Micah Maritim at Kalenjin Media. Photo/KM

Deaths and births have always been witnessed. Generations have flown dynamically. Flowers blossom and wither but priceless valuables live to ages. Such is so to exquisite music.

However, with the advancing technology, the music industry has never been the same. Artists have been forced to adapt to digital transition and that has either positively or otherwise affected them. Even as many in the music industry celebrates the transition, Micah Maritim is not a happy man.

Micah Maritim as he goes by his stage name kesit is a veteran Kalenjin secular musician-cum comedian born and raised in Kimaya, Bomet county in the year 1958 clearly stating that he is not young as he appears. Born last in the family of ten children, a thing that made him breastfeed for ten years.

In an exclusive interview with Kalenjin Media, Micah stated that his bearded chin earned him the name Kesit which loosely translates to a nest among the Kalenjin speakers.

Since he started singing, he has released many songs, all that we grew up listening to with “cheplemindet” being the most popular. In the song,  Micah challenges Kalenjin women to be as hardworking and submissive to their husbands as to the women from Luo land.

Speaking to Kalenjin media, the katabugan hitmaker said that he hails from a home of remarkable musicians namely Set Kobor, Kimaya boosters, Kimaya Vituko, Kimaya Superstars, Kesit Junior and Selina Junior. His brother Julius Maritim popularly known as “Selina” is also a renowned secular musician and a gifted comedian as evidenced in his famous song Simcard and meetab kimyet.

Selina Maritim.Photo/KM

A chance to speak with Selina can easily lighten up a boring day. He is known through his song “meet ap kimyet” a hilarious song that is all about comedy.

“I did not attend school due to a lack of school fees which was then two shillings,” he said in a very humorous way. Unlike him, Micah got a chance to go to school but later dropped in class three.

According to Micah, life during their tender age was not pleasing since their mother was a drunkard. Their great music hits and comedy saw them famous as they would be called to perform during live band and would get great income from it. Micah even got a chance to perform in the United States of America.

During the interview, Micah advised artists that it is always a noble thing to listen to their audiences’ feedback before producing other songs to gauge their next move, a tactic that has seen him relevant in the industry.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2019, Micah’s song “men kotinyin chito” became relevant and it was played across all Kalenjin radio stations.  He initially used this song to caution crowding at a time when there was an outbreak of SAARS pandemic in the neighbouring countries. It, however, foreshadowed the current situation.

When he was asked if he has a YouTube channel, Micah said that he is not a happy man. “Someone has a channel going by my name yet it is not mine and I have never earned anything on the same,” Micah said.  

“Why would someone earn a living from my effort, it’s not a good thing, that is the beginning of a fall,” he added.

He, however, chooses to perform his songs on live bands instead of uploading them on social media platforms and thus shuns personalization in the media industry.

He says that he plans to sing gospel music. Micah is a family man and has even nurtured his son Anthony Cheruiyot and produced a song with him. Click the link below to watch the full interview Kalenjin Media.

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