Cherono Lucky, inspiration among the many in the Gospel industry

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Cherono Lucky at Kalenjin Media studio. Photo/Kalenjin Media

Dressed like a goddess in a traditional outfit natively called seseywek is Nancy Cherono alias Cherono Lucky who is an upcoming Kalenjin Gospel artist born and bred in a humble background in Chelele, Kunyak Location Kipkelion West constituency.

Being the only girl in the family, Cherono is undoubtedly the apple of her father’s eye who gave her the name ‘Lucky’ for being the only girl in a family of six brothers.

Having been passionate about singing, Nancy started her music career in primary school as the choir leader in Sunday school then not knowing that singing could be the star in her life.

In an interview with Kalenjin Media, Cherono’s story paints a candid picture of a  woman whose life has never been a bed of roses. Born to a drunkard father and a mother who brewed illicit brew commonly known as Chang’aa rendered their upbringing both poor mentally and spiritually. Their basic needs were hardly met for instance paying school fees for their brothers was a tall order but regardless of that, she was always optimistic and God-fearing.

According to her, her faith and trust in God saw her father change in the year 2002, something that greatly transformed the family positively inspiring her, even more, to start singing.

Cherono said that she has only released two albums of her songs and is yet to release another one soon. Being an upcoming artist, Cherono said that her journey in the industry has never been a walk in the park. Among the challenges at the onset of her career were financial crunch even as much as her father and his friends were a shoulder to lean on, the help was not sufficient but she managed to finance the production of a few videos of her songs. While recording her songs at the studio, she said that she reached out to the famous gospel artist Jonathan Bett who without hesitating helped her record her first two albums.

When asked about the inspiration of her music, Cherono attributes her music to the endowed artists Mum Cherop, the veteran Joel Kimetto and Pastor Zaburi of the Church of God. The melodious voiced singer as evident as she sings her favourite song dubbed imong’u during her interview with Kalenjin Media said her single goal in the industry is to become an inspiration to upcoming artists and thereby urged fellow artists who have made an impact in the music industry to hold each other’s hands as the journey is never easy.

“My music has not generated income but only strengthens my faith in God and thus does hairdressing to fend my daughter’s need,” said the mother of two.

“She revealed that she has a lot in store as she is yet to release her third album consisting of only five,” songs that mostly based on praise songs among them ‘chepkulet’. Cherono Lucky as she is popularly known urged the Kenyan Government to step forward and implement measures that will help the upcoming artists, for instance, forming Sacco’s that will offer loans to them. However, according to her prayer, compassion and commitment to work are key to success.

Click the link to watch the full interview Kalenjin Media .

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