Rags to Riches: The rise of Sweestar from obscurity to security

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Mike Aron Rotich, alias Sweetstar. Photo/ Kalenjin Media

He sings with flair and his songs are Kalenjin’s pet courtesy of his unique voice. Over a decade, Patoto Pa Sweetstar as he is popularly known has managed to remain at the pinnacle of the Kalenjin secular music industry owing to his songs which are affluent in love messages, idiomatic and delivered in a distinct baritone that makes many miss their loved ones.

Smartly and decently dressed, Sweetstar whose real name is Mike Aron Rotich, is undoubtedly an award-winning Kalenjin secular artist. Having dominated the music industry in the Kalenjin land, Sweetstar attributes his success to his passion and unmatched love and interest in music.

Mistaken by his fans of being a casanova based on his love songs, Sweatstar in an interview with Kalenjin Media seemed to preach what he does not drink. He is a quiet and shy man of brown complexion with medium height but the fame he has earned in the music industry has made him taller than his height.

The soft-spoken musician recently launched an anniversary to celebrate his achievements in the industry since his entry twelve years ago. However, his journey has not been a bed of roses yet amazing.

In an interview with Kalenjin Media, Sweetstar tells a story that gives a true definition of the phrase; Grass to Grace. Before the shining of his star, Sweetstar worked as a fisherman at his home town in Bomet County at a tender age to make ends meet and that earned him the name “Kipinjiren” meaning fisherman.  Nevertheless, the business became a breakthrough to him, he spent the little income he got from fishing prudently.

In the year 2009, the unbeaten musician decided to follow his dreams. Having saved enough money from selling fish, he went to Nairobi to record his first songs at Mbiliko Studios. He managed to record five songs despite being his first time. Things went well with his music recordings but since he was an upcoming musician and had then recorded volume 2 of his album, his income shrank and could not sustain the production process. It is then that he decided to take a break from music and work as a dancer for the established artists. He danced for the late Diana Chemutai Chelele.

He never gave up on music either. He would do live performances which turned out to be his breakthrough prompting him to venture fully into the music industry in the year 2010. His passion and love for music have seen him triumph to date. This is evident as his songs are played on all Kalenjin stations and are loved by many across the nation and beyond.

Speaking to Kalenjin Media, the award-winning musician says that his music has been greatly inspired by his creativity and real-life experiences. This is seen in his famous song ‘Kwondap Molo’ a song he composed after his encounter with a girl Wahu from Molo who served him alongside his friends. Among his best songs include Sudumbulu, Marion, Team Mafisi, Dorotia and many more.

Asked about his love life, Sweetstar revealed that he is a father and has only one wife, Jamila who according to him has been his greatest supporter and motivator. Jamila and their two kids were present during his 12th music anniversary launch.

He, however, refuted the alleged divorce rumours saying that he is happily married and that he and Jamila have never had issues.

“I have no plans of venturing into the gospel industry despite being a staunch Christian,” he clarified.

As a star and a mentor to many in the music industry, he urges other musicians to be creative when composing their songs and videos as well to avoid copyright issues. “Talent and passion for music should always be the key skill to any artiste for the journey is never easy,” states Sweetstar.

Click Kalenjin Media to watch the exclusive interview.

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