The Kipsigis Talai: Tragedy, Tribulation & Triumph of a Community in Kenya

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This book, the Kipsigis Talai, examines the emergence of the Talai clan among the Kipsigis and looks at their activities before the coming of the Europeans, their resistance to European colonization and the aftermath. Under the leadership of the Chief Orgoiyot Kipchomber araap Koilegen, the interests of the Kipsigis and the British were heavily at odds. Through the leadership of the Talai, the Kipsigis just like the Nandi, vigorously resisted the occupation of their country by the British. Their resistance in the early period of colonial rule led to the banishment in 1914 of the three main Talai leaders namely Kipchomber araap Koilegen, Kibuigut araap Sing’oei and Kipng’etich araap Boisio to Central Kenya.

David Tuei narrates the history of the Talai clan spanning the period from the mid-19th century to present. Various themes run through the book including persecution, exile, exclusion and even marginalization all of which contributed to the present hardships faced by the Kipsigis Talai including poverty, lack of opportunities and landlessness.

The Book is available at all Bethany Bookshop branches and Amazon.

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